Brandsecondhand is a nontraditional secondhand store for fashion and various good conditioned designer products.

We offer our clients a high-quality space where streetwear, authentic vintage trends, high- end brands and gems from affordable brands change owners. We focus on good conditioned clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories for men and women.

The business idea was born from our love towards fashion and recycling. Our earlier experience in selling used clothing developed the idea of establishing a more stylish secondhand store. We started our operation in the year 2017 and have since been successfully selling treasures from not only private wardrobes, but also pieces from Finland’s top artists, bloggers and other media influencers.

Located in Kamppi, Helsinki our store is trendy, bright and tidy. We offer our clients comprehensive services and take care of both the sales and marketing of the products on behalf of the client.

The core idea behind our operation is to be more focused on quality than a traditional self- service flea market. Our purpose is not to be the store to which you empty your basements and garages from your old garments that have just been sitting there, but instead we offer carefully chosen treasures to guarantee the quality. Today’s fast fashion culture has filled our closets and dressers and to lighten the burden, we want to offer a solution.

You can bring us your clothes and accessories that are in good condition but have become unnecessary to you or for example the shoes you ordered online which turned out to be too small, but that you forgot to return. Our vision is to be a unique, fresh and inspiring secondhand store which everyone loves to visit. Our operation is driven by values that respect the environment and recycling.


A full-service concept which is made as easy as possible for the client.The client brings their products to the store or we can also schedule a pick-up if necessary.

We do the pricing and selling of the products and also keep your sales display in order. Each product is alarmed, and we place smaller valuables behind a locked glass cabinet. In addition, we also promote selected products on our social media channels. We pack the products ready for you after the sales period is over or we recycle them in a suitable way.

In the Full Service the profits are divided 50/50 between the client and BrandSecondhand. The sales can be monitored from your personal client account.

Starting fee is between 10 – 45€ (depending on the amount of goods) + 50% of sales. Sales period at least 28 days. If you only have a small number of products to sell the starting fee will be agreed on separately.

We only accept intact and clean products for sale.

The sales commission of individual valuable items will be agreed on separately.

Customers’ products are also selectively sold in our online store.

Inquiries from the store or via email


The agreements for the Exclusive Service and for individual valuable items are done personally at the store.

Setting up a client account and registration is done at the store where we check and go through the products going up for sale.

In the Exclusive Service the client agrees on the sales revenue to be divided 50/50 between them and BrandSecondhand. The starting fee is 10-45€/ for at least 28 days which includes the sorting, pricing, alarms for the products and setting up the display. Starting fee for a smaller number of products will be agreed on separately.

BrandSecondhand has the right to sort through and select the products that go for sale and price them accordingly. In the case of more valuable products we take in to account the client’s price wish.

The sales period is at least 28 days and it can be continued on agreement. After the sales period is over the unsold products will be recycled accordingly or the client can pick them up from the store. Unclaimed products are turned over as BrandSecondhand property when a week has gone by from the end of the sales period.

50% of the sales revenue will be accounted to the account provided by the client after the sales period ends.

You will receive a personal seller’s account with which you can follow your sales on the “Kirppari-Kalle” website. Take note that BrandSecondhand’s cut has not yet been reduced from the total amount shown on the website.


BrandSecondhand is not in charge of missing, stolen or damaged products. We alarm all the products and in addition we have security cameras and an alarm system. Small valuables such as jewelry, watches and sunglasses are put in a locked glass cabinet. We do our best to prevent theft and we report all thefts to the police. We are not in charge of products damaged in the case of a fire, water damage or for any other reasons beyond us


Ruoholahdenkatu 10, 00180 Helsinki



               MON-FRI  12-18               

SAT 12-16

SUN randomly

Please check our updated opening hours Facebook or Instagram pages.

Payment methods: Debit / Credit cards, Visa Electron and cash.

You can best reach us from the store during opening hours, by email or Instagram DM with the message @brandsecondhandhki